YYC Collab DUDE Box

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Rory and Nelly Foaming Shave Cream 50ml

Rory and Nelly Aloe Vera After Shave 50ml

Rory and Nelly Mucka's Menthol Shampoo Puck

The Red Seed Sunflower Seeds - 125g bag BBQ , 125g bag Chili Lime

Silverpure Refresh Spray - Mint Motive Peppermint / Lime 50ml

Awaken The Gems Onyx Bracelet - 8mm gemstone beads 

Mable's Pantry  - Canmore Brewings Spiced Brown Ale Jelly 110ml

Mable's Panty Divine Tuscan Meat Rub 55ml

2 Pair Plainsbreaker Socks

Plainsbreaker Facial Mask

Gypsy & Jasmine Exfoliating Coffee Ground Soap 110g

Chocosweets Universal Oreo Cookie Chocolate Bar 120ml

Your choice of a 5 X 5 Shelfie  Lines by Lacey