Blue Tiger's Eye, Moss Agate & Sandalwood Gemstone Bracelet

Awaken the Gems


Protective & Calming!

Traditionally carries s a talisman to protect against ill wishes and curses.

Brings out integrity and assists in accomplishing goals. This stone is used for recognizing both your needs and the needs of others. Helps to heal issues of self worth, self criticism, and blocked creativity. Calming and releases stress. Aids in the overanxious, quick tempered, and phobic. 

Moss agate is a stabilizing stone. Refreshes the soul, and enables you to see the beauty in all things.

Sandalwood is an ancient bead used for meditation and grounding. Can also be used as an essential oil diffuser bead.

Beads 8mm

Durable Stretch Cord - Fits up to 8" wrist

Natural stone beads vary in size size, shape and colour